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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Notes on the American Fork Primary Election

The results are now official, as of last evening.

Elsewhere at LocalCommentary.com, I've posted the official results, approved last evening, for the September 15 primary election in American Fork. Totals and percentages, plus some additional information, are available for mayoral and city council races.

There's no big news here. Provisional ballots and a few outstanding absentee ballots did not change the preliminary results in any significant way. The candidates on the ballot in November will be incumbent Heber Thompson and challenger James Hadfield for mayor, and incumbents Heidi Rodeback (MFCC) and Dale Gunther and challengers Marc Ellison and Jess Green for the two available city council seats.

You're in the right place -- my blog -- for continuing commentary on American Fork elections. For more objective information, as well as answers to questions by the mayoral candidates themselves, go to LocalCommentary.com's home page.

For what it's worth, I went to the American Fork City Council meeting last evening, where, during its regular meeting, that body sat briefly as a "Board of Canvassers" to examine and certify the vote. Several candidates were there, including, of course, three incumbents. After the formalities, I congratulated Ed Cameron on an excellent campaign, as evidenced by a relative unknown finishing only a few dozen votes out of second place. He was in good spirits, and he said, "I'll be back."

Candidates often say that, but many of them don't come back. If Cameron does return in 2011 (to run for city council) or 2013 (to run for mayor or for city council), it could be interesting to watch. If he's really serious, he'll find some way to get involved in American Fork city government as a volunteer in the meantime.

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