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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
American Fork Mayoral Primary Results

Official vote totals and percentages from the three candidates, turnout data, etc.

Here are the official results from the September 15 mayoral primary in American Fork, as approved Tuesday, September 22. They are not significantly different from the preliminary results posted here on the evening of the election.

James H. Hadfield (advances)
     718 votes or 41.7%

Heber M. Thompson (incumbent, advances)
     522 votes or 30.3%

Ed Cameron (eliminated)
     482 votes or 28.0%

Turnout was 1742 of 14,174 voters, or 12.29 percent.

There were 26 provision ballots, three of which were rejected. In one case, the voter does not live in American Fork; in the other two, the voter was unregistered.

Only five absentee ballots arrived after the September 15 count and before the noon deadline on September 22. All five were postmarked too late, so they were not counted.

Several precincts are consolidated in this primary election, so it's difficult to analyze based on precincts. But of the eight "consolidated" precincts, Hadfield won five, Thompson won one, and Cameron won two.

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