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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
American Fork City Council Primary Results

Official vote counts and percentages for each candidate, a voter turnout number, and minimal analysis.

Here are the official results from the September 15 city council primary in American Fork, as approved on September 22. Provisional ballots and absentee ballots uncounted on September 15 had no siginificant effect on the results.

The top four finishers advance to the November 3 general election, for two available city council seats.

Heidi Rodeback (incumbent, advances)
     921 votes or 27.4%

Dale O. Gunther (incumbent, advances)
     773 votes or 23.0%

Marc Ellison (advances)
     569 votes or 16.9%

Jess Green (advances)
     279 votes or 8.3%

Darren M. Cooper (eliminated)
     247 votes or 7.4%

Robert L. Godfrey (eliminated)
     188 votes or 5.6%

Larry N. Webb (eliminated)
     181 votes or 5.4%

Gretchen Wiltbank (eliminated)
     132 votes or 3.9%

Andy Dobmann (eliminated)
     71 votes or 2.1%

Turnout was 1742 of 14,174 voters, or 12.29 percent.

There were 26 provision ballots, three of which were rejected. In one case, the voter does not live in American Fork; in the other two, the voter was unregistered.

Only five absentee ballots arrived after the September 15 count and before the noon deadline on September 22. All five were postmarked too late, so they were not counted.

Several precincts are consolidated in this primary election, so it's difficult to analyze based on precincts. But of the eight "consolidated" precincts, Rodeback won six, Gunther won one, and Rodeback and Gunther tied in one. Ellison's highest finish was second, in half of the precincts. Rodeback's lowest finish was second, in one precinct. The only candidate eliminated to finish in the top four in any precinct was Cooper, who finished fourth in three precincts.

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