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Monday, July 28, 2008
What the Postal Worker Brought

About that proposed American Fork property tax increase, I mean.


On Friday the mailman -- er, postal worker -- brought to my home an item from American Fork City. It's one full page, front and back, and it's called "Planning for the Future: American Fork City Budget, Fiscal Year 2008-2009." It explains budget priorities and the proposed 14 percent tax increase, and notes the City's intention to leave some additional possible increases to the voters, in the form of proposed general obligation bond issues on the November ballot. (I've heard we might be back up to five of those, but we'll see.)

It also provides the dates, times, and location of related hearings and voted, which you may already have found here at the blog.


Saturday brought a little gem from Utah County, my annual 2008 Property Valuation Notice. I noted that the County Assessor's idea of my property value is down about five percent. That's probably realistic.

The bottom of the page specifies "Current and Proposed Property Taxes." There are seven pieces of my property taxes, and numbers are provided for each piece, showing last year's tax, this year's tax at the certified, supposedly equivalent rate, and this year's tax if a proposed tax increase passes. I note the following:

  • Approximately two-thirds of my property tax goes to the Alpine School District.
  • The proposed amount for American Fork City reflects the number the City sent to the County, 62.76 percent, not the 14 percent increase which is actually being considered.
  • If there is no City tax increase, the actual dollar amount I pay (not adjusted for inflation) will go down more than 6.5 percent. (Some assessed values in the city must have gone up, while mine went down.)
  • With the proposed 14 percent increase from the City, my total property tax bill (again, not adjusted for inflation) will go up about 6.2 percent.

In light of the second item above, it's not a surprise that I overheard a number of residents yesterday declaring to each other their intention to attend the August 5 "Truth in Taxation" hearing.

If you attend or write to the Mayor and City Council, please comment on the actual proposed increase as described in the City's mailer, not the 62.76 percent number the City unwisely sent to the County. You'll have more credibility if you comment on something that is actually being considered. So will your neighbors, who will likely thank you for helping them be properly informed.

Keep writing those letters and e-mails.

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