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Friday, June 13, 2008
A Short List of Recent Readings

. . . Mostly on themes mentioned in my recent comments on the election.

Here is an assortment of recent writings, mostly brief, on topics that came up in my Tuesday treatment of the November Election.

Charles Krauhammer says John McCain should "make the election about Iraq" and lists recent successes there, mostly in terms of important benchmarks for the Iraqi government.

Paul Greenberg finds Barack Obama woefully ignorant of history. Does that get Obama more or fewer votes, I wonder, from a voting populace which is itself woefully ignorant of history?

Michael Barone offers an economic reality check, and Tim Pollak and Marc Babej give a different economic view of Wal-Mart.

Charles Krauthammer (briefly) and Orson Scott Card (at greater length) write of environmentalism as a religion.

Rich Lowry reports diminished freedom of speech -- or perhaps freedom of religion -- in Canada.

Thomas Sowell has a nice "do the math" sort of story about Barack Obama getting cocky with the Pentagon.

Finally, George Will gives the Electoral College math a whirl, with a nice jab in his concluding sentence.

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