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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Mr. Spock, My Childhood Hero

Yes, that Spock. My mother thought he looked like Satan.

If a mostly-serious, mostly-political blog can be weird enough to bring you an annual Groundhog Day limerick contest, you shouldn't be too surprised when it turns its attention to this blogger's childhood hero, Mr. Spock, first officer and science officer of the starship Enterprise, who recently received some attention on NPR.

There's a political connection, but it is only tangential. I'm more interested in the Spock lore itself. Read the NPR text or listen to the NPR audio, as you please. The audio's better.

What was that? Oh, yes. Thanks for asking. It took a lot of practice in my youth, but I can raise a single eyebrow, Spock-like. My daughter laughs when I do it. MFCC does not; she probably thinks I should have been practicing the piano instead of the eyebrow.

My mother didn't care for Mr. Spock at all. She thought he looked like Satan. Fortunately, church work took her out of the house on Wednesday afternoons for a couple of years, leaving me free to watch Star Trek reruns.

By the way, Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock, may support Barack Obama, but Mr. Spock would see right through him, and through modern liberalism generally. His logical mind, his fondness for facts, and his disdain for basing action on emotion would make him a conservative.

How about a new bumper sticker or button or something? "What Would Spock Do?"

Did you know you can watch all three seasons of the original Star Trek online at CBS.com?

Heidi Rodeback comments (6/13/08):

I'm hard-put to decide which Spock is the most distasteful, the Dr. or the Mr.

Mr. Data, anyone?

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