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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Last-Minute Valentinish (and Other) Thoughts

A link to winning limericks. Some Valentine's Day thoughts. Things to read if you prefer politics. Something to watch if you prefer math. A note on delegate counts.

Limerick Contest Winners

See the winning limericks in three categories: American Fork, Groundhog Day, and the 2008 Presidential Campaigns.

Valentine's Day is 2.5 Hours Away

It's a little too late for most of you, probably, but here's as good an excuse as you'll find for not breaking the bank over Valentine's Day: Roses? In near-recession? Say Happy Valentine's Day with weeds.

Here's a rerun of some mostly romantic thoughts from a couple of years ago here at the blog. (They're not stale; they're timeless.)

If your Valentine's Day bent runs to politics, you might consider:

  • DaltonGirl's report on her work as a poll worker -- er, poll manager -- in what is now my precinct, too. (AF04, that is. She was there to greet me at the polling place on Super Tuesday, once I found the polling place.)
  • David Brooks' recently column on what would likely happen with a Democrat in the White House: "When Reality Bites"
  • Peggy Noonan wondering how Hillary Clinton might behave in defeat, or, before that, the possible likelihood of defeat.
  • Hugh Hewitt on Mitt Romney's decision to stand aside.

If you prefer math to politics -- and who could blame you? -- check out Arthur Benjamin on this little video.

By the way, I'm suspending my detailed Republican and Democratic delegate counts, in case you hadn't noticed. There are links on the LocalCommentary.com home page to several different delegate counts.

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