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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Presidential Primary Update: After Florida

After Florida, for the first time, John McCain leads in the delegate count. The Florida Democratic primary apportioned no delegates, leaving Barack Obama with a slightly-enlarged lead over Hillary Clinton after South Carolina.

Here's an update of cumulative Primary results after yesterday's primaries in Florida and South Carolina's Democratic primary last Saturday. Note that, as before, I am relying on TheGreenPapers.com , and that many of the delegates allocated actually "soft" to one degree or another -- as in, not absolutely committed to a given candidate. Remember, we're counting party convention delegates, not popular vote.

Saturday, January 26: South Carolina (Democrat)

Delegates are allocated proportionally based on congressional districts and statewide.


  1. Barack Obama (26 delegates)
  2. Hillary Clinton (14 delegates)
  3. John Edwards (8 delegates)
  4. available (6 delegates)

Running Total after South Carolina -- Democrats:

  • Barack Obama: 64
  • Hillary Clinton: 50
  • John Edwards: 26
  • available: 26 

Tuesday, January 29: Florida

The DNC is punishing the Florida Democratic Party for its early primary by revoking all its delegates. See running Democratic total above. For similar reasons, the RNC has taken away half of the Republican delegates from Florida. The Florida Republican primary is winner-take-all at the state level.


  1. John McCain (57 delegates)

Running Republican total after Florida:

  • John McCain: 100
  • Mitt Romney: 49
  • Mike Huckabee: 26
  • Fred Thompson: 11
  • Ron Paul: 8
  • Rudy Giuliani: 1
  • Duncan Hunter: 1
  • available: 15

Coming Up Next

Friday, February 1, through Monday, February 3: Maine (caucus, Republicans only)
Tuesday, February 5, "Super Tuesday": 22 states and "Democrats Abroad" (Democrats) and 21 states (Republicans)

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