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Saturday, January 19, 2008
Primaries: After South Carolina and Nevada

After today, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama still lead by small margins in the delegate count.

Here's an update of cumulative Primary results after today's Republican primary in South Carolina and today's Nevada caucuses (for both parties). Note that I am relying on TheGreenPapers.com again, and that most of these delegates are actually "soft" to one degree or another -- as in, not absolutely committed to a given candidate.

For earlier results, including a reasonably detailed account of the process's complexity, see my previous report.

Saturday, January 19: South Carolina Primary (Republican only)

This is an open primary, meaning non-Republicans can vote. Note that the national party's penalty for an early primary applies; South Carolina's Republican delegate total is half what it would have been. (This could could be overturned.) The South Carolina Democratic primary is next Saturday, January 26.


  1. John McCain (18 delegates)
  2. Mike Huckabee (6 delegates)  

Saturday, January 19: Nevada Caucuses 

Both parties' caucuses are closed. Because final selection of delegates happens in a later convention, neither Nevada party is penalized for holding its caucus before February 5.


  1. Mitt Romney (17 delegates)
  2. John McCain (4 delegates)
  3. Ron Paul (4 delegates)
  4. Mike Huckabee (3 delegates)
  5. Fred Thompson (3 delegates)
  6. Available (3 delegates)


  1. Barack Obama (13 delegates)
  2. Hillary Clinton (12 delegates)
  3. available (8 delegates)

Running Totals after Saturday, January 19


  • Mitt Romney: 49
  • John McCain: 43
  • Mike Huckabee: 26
  • Fred Thompson: 11
  • Ron Paul: 8
  • Rudy Giuliani: 1
  • Duncan Hunter: 1
  • available: 15


  • Barack Obama: 38
  • Hillary Clinton: 36
  • John Edwards: 18
  • available: 20 

Coming Up Next

Saturday, January 26: South Carolina (primary, Democrats only)
Tuesday, January 29: Florida (primaries, both parties)
Friday, February 1: Maine (caucus, Republicans only)
Tuesday, February 5, "Super Tuesday": 22 states and "Democrats Abroad" (Democrats) and 21 states (Republicans)

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