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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
It's Bush/Gore 2000 All Over Again

Don't look now, but it's November 2000 again. No, not in national politics. The Korean candidate (I could look up his name, but let's call him Al Gore) claims he was robbed of a victory by the judges' (here also the voters') error, and that there should be a recount, after which he should get a gold medal. There seems to be a legitimate counter-claim that the voters (er, the judges) made another mistake, or the Korean candidate wouldn't have had a medal at all. The case is being appealed to higher courts.

Do rules matter at all, or must they crumble under the weight of subjective notions of fairness? Stay tuned, and pray that it's just an aftershock, not a harbinger of presidential things to come.

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