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Monday, August 23, 2004
Whatever Happened to the Greenwood Neighbors Initiative?

It's a question I hear every so often. It's understandable, since I was its vice president for two years, and my wife was its executive secretary. For two years there were service projects and educational meetings and a newsletter, among other things. Over last winter, half its leadership (the Rodeback half) decided that life was getting a tad too loony. We began to cut back on some commitments, such as GNI, in order to survive other commitments. New leaders were never found; nor were they sought, as far as I know. GNI's swan song may have been some help with a parks fund-raising breakfast this spring; since then it seems to have faded away.

I'm pleased that some folks seem to miss it. I'd like to see GNI revived, because I still believe in its mission of improving the quality of life, fostering a sense of community, and encouraging stability in a difficult sector of American Fork. But it needs leaders with time, vision, and ability. That's a difficult combination.

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