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Monday, May 31, 2010
More of a Prayer than a Post

It is Memorial Day, and my thoughts seem to reach beyond politics -- if there is such a place.

This weekend I've been watching the HBO miniseries John Adams, while intermittently attempting to fend off a cold through rest and relaxation. I also spent some time yesterday on that historical project I mentioned a few weeks ago, which bears directly on themes we ought to ponder on Memorial Day. Perhaps that is why, in the face of a considerable backlog of (mostly political) matters on which to blog, I am inclined today to a simpler, more fundamental thought. It is more of a prayer than a post; is it odd in 2010 that I first published it early this morning as a Facebook status? This blog is at least a little less ephemeral, so I echo it here. 'Tis briefer than its introduction . . .

God grant that we shall always have, on this solemn holiday, a free people's blessing of remembering the price others have paid in blood and sorrow for our present liberty, and that there never come a Memorial Day when we or our posterity are obliged to remember in servitude the bygone age in which we were free.

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