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COMMENTARY: David Rodeback's Blog
  • (08/02/14)  Then a Cruel Joke, Now a Serious Policy Proposal
    An idea I first encountered as a juvenile husband's cruel joke on his young wife is now seriously proposed as policy, to solve a problem which might be much smaller than we've all been thinking: the high divorce rate. [more]
  • (07/15/14)  Losing Our Souls at the Border
    When we see real problems primarily as political problems, or as opportunites to seize political advantage or do mischief to our political enemies, do we still have a political soul? [more]
  • (07/11/14)  Things I Have Written and Things I Haven't
    A couple of welcome and unusual experiences for this writer, some thoughts on how far we've come (or gone), and what happens when ideology and reality collide. [more]
  • (06/26/14)  Old News Is Hilarious News
    I read today that Brother Wayne Dodge was sentenced to 30 days in jail. I rewrote a song about him once . . . [more]
  • (05/29/14)  With a Little Help from Stephen Colbert . . .
    From the Green Hornet of Justice to Fat Jack's Old Lady, there's nothing quite like an election year. And it's just possible that Idaho is weirder than New York. (For my part, I spent about a decade in each place. What does that say about me?) [more]


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