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Friday, May 29, 2009
A View of Governor Huntsman from the Left

Huntsman and conservative issues, Huntsman and China, Huntsman and Mitt Romney, Huntsman and 2016, etc.

Last week, shortly after Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.'s, nomination as US Ambassador to China, The New Republic ran a lengthy article about Huntsman that was already in the works before the nomination was announced. Originally, it was mostly about his presidential aspirations, but, obviously, there was a quick, substantial rewrite. You might enjoy reading it.

In case you're wondering, The New Republic's view of the world is from the left, but it's usually the thinking left. I don't look at the world from the left, but I do read some TNR articles fairly regularly online. It's a more thoughtful brand of liberalism than one tends to get from the television or the major newspapers. For what it's worth, here's TNR explaining that Sonia Sotomayor is a liberal judge with some moderate tendencies, not the left-wing ideologue some of the left was hoping for.

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