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Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Now It's Your Turn: Send Me Your Questions

American Fork voters are invited to send me questions for the city's two mayoral candidates, Heber Thompson and James Hadfield.

More than a few of you have read our American Fork mayoral candidates' responses to ten questions I sent them. In case you haven't done so yet, they're at the guest blog, and links are easy to find at the LocalCommentary.com home page, too. Two of you have even added your own input by sending comments on their answers, which I have posted.

The candidates themselves have been gracious and cooperative, for which I thank them. I won't be specific, but some of their answers are helping me decide which of the two good men in the race will get my vote. I've heard the same from others.

I plan to send the mayoral candidates at least one more set of five or six questions, but I'd prefer that only one or two of those questions come from me. So send me your questions, and I'll pick from them to fill the rest of the list. If you have follow-up questions about their answers to date, send those, too, and I'll consider passing them on as well. If there are lots of great questions, I'll consider sending another set or two. There's still time.

Please note that I will feel free to exercise my editorial right to edit, clarify, temper, balance, repunctuate, merge, spindle, mutilate, fold, and/or discard questions I receive. Please remember, we're not playing "gotcha" here. We're trying to inform the voters.

Also, please note that I probably will not include your name with the question(s) you send, unless you really want me to. And there's a good chance I'll just ignore your question if you figure out how to send it to me anonymously. (See my past thoughts on political courage.)

So . . . what's on your minds?

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