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Monday, September 14, 2009
The Season's Last Concert in the Park

It's the Utah Premier Brass, so we already know it will be good.

Tonight is the last event in this year's Concerts in the Park series in American Fork, and it's a worthy one: the Utah Premier Brass -- a "don't miss" affair, to my mind. They're excellent, and they're fun. They appear tonight at American Fork's amphitheater, just off 700 North, west of the LDS temple.

You'll want to be on time, since there's no warmup act, and you'll want to be prepared. The weather may be a "game-time decision," as they say; as of this morning there's a 40 percent chance of water falling from the sky. For my part, though, I'm going to be a glass-is-60-percent-full kind of guy and be in my seat at 7:00 p.m.

On an indirectly related note, don't forget to vote tomorrow in the primary election, if you're in a Utah municipality that's having one. If you're in American Fork, you'll find some information about candidates right here at LocalCommentary.com (the home page is a good place to start, at least for now), though I'd be lying if I said all the candidates have been as responsive to my questions as I had hoped.

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