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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
American Fork Notes

An opportunity to meet American Fork's current crop of candidates, early voting, more reporting on the American Fork Cemetery, and 191 feet of cool engineering (times two). And parking.

Meet the Candidates

American Fork voters' first change to meet this fall's candidates en masse is Thursday evening, September 3, at a meet-the-candidates event hosted by the local Rotary Club. It's at 7:00 p.m. at Barratt Elementary, at 168 North 900 East in -- you guessed it -- American Fork.

There are 12 candidates running for mayor (one seat) or city council (two seats) this year. Do the math, and don't be surprised to discover that the format will consist of each candidate making a brief statement -- five minutes is what I heard -- followed by an opportunity for voters to mingle and chat with candidates one-on-one. (Here Councilman Shirl LeBaron explains the rules and format.) There really isn't time in such a format for meaningful discussion of multiple issues. After the September 15 primary election narrows the field to six candidates, we should see at least one event in a conventional question-and-answer format.

In the meantime, it's up to the campaigns themselves to get the word out before the primary. You can also find information about the candidates here at LocalCommentary.com. (So far only five of the 12 candidates have responded to my requests for information, but I'll add the others' responses when and if they arrive.)

Early Voting

Early voting began today at the American Fork Library and runs through September 11. The American Fork City Web site has a schedule, among other information and useful links. Unless you know the candidates better than I do at this point, however, you're not yet ready to vote.

About that Recycling Schedule

I reported here at the blog when participating American Fork residents were informed that the biweekly recycling pickup would be switching to Monday. My recyclables were picked up yesterday, as I expected, but elsewhere in American Fork I the pickup happening this morning. Now that there is current information online at the City again, solving this mystery wasn't difficult this morning.

Part of the city has a Monday pickup; the other part still has a Tuesday pickup. Here are a map -- look for the orange line dividing the Monday and Tuesday sections -- and general information about the City's recycling program, and a quick link to my own updated American Fork recycling calendar, which should load faster than a PDF, if you still have a slow Internet connection.

The American Fork Cemetery in the Media

After an unfortunate, wildly inaccurate moment a couple of weeks ago, Salt Lake City's ABC-4 ran a more detailed and more accurate story on American Fork's cemetery situation late last week. I haven't found video at their Web site, but there is this poorly-edited transcript of the story. (Don't rely on it for spelling my or MFCC's surname.) I also heard a brief, accurate report on KSL Radio on Monday, but have not found anything at that Web site.

Finally . . .

How 'bout that bridge farm? Pretty cool. And if you're following the parking situation near American Fork High School, you'll want to see Councilman Shirl LeBaron's update.


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