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Saturday, August 15, 2009
Quick Notes (Really!) on What's Coming Up

Improved American Fork election coverage and a small promotion for one local politician and blogger.

My own goals for LocalCommentary.com, some requests from readers, and the unfortunate recent demise of the American Fork Citizen combine to make me think it would be useful to assemble some good information and opinion here from the four American Fork mayoral candidates, in addition to my usual commentary. So I'm requesting some information from them and sending some questions about their priorities and about specific issues, which I hope they will answer. I'll post the information they send on the informational side of the site, and their answers to questions will be at the guest blog, which has been gathering dust for quite a while now but will shortly be revived.

My letter will be in their mailboxes early next week. I hope to publish the personal information next Saturday, and two sets of questions and answers between then and the September 15 primary election.

If you have questions you'd like me to ask them, either before or after the primary, please send them, and I'll consider them.

In the coming months I'll inevitably have some commentary of my own on the mayoral race and the city council race, and I'll publish information about the city council candidates, too. But I won't be doing the questions and answers at the guest blog with city council candidates. Since I'm married to one of them, no matter how hard I tried to be even-handed, some of the others, or their supporters, would inevitably feel slighted somehow.

In other news, in my blog roll (to the right) I'm promoting Councilman Shirl LeBaron's blog from "Good but Inactive" to its former position in "American Fork Politics." He's back. In his current post, he's asking you to tell him what your top five priorities would be in American Fork, if the City suddenly had some money to spend on something.

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