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Saturday, June 7, 2008
City and Surpha Sign Sale Agreement

Surpha now owns a municipal broadband system; American Fork City doesn't. (Does this mean it's not municipal any more?)

American Fork City's sale of AFCNet, its municipal broadband system, is complete. Mayor Heber Thompson told me this morning, as he was flipping pancakes at Utah Lake State Park, that the City and Surpha signed all the papers yesterday afternoon.

It might have happened sooner after the Council vote approved the sale on May 28, but first a telecommunications franchise agreement had to be put in place. The Council approved that on Thursday.

For some additional discussion of this deal, see MFCC's recent blog post and this recent Daily Herald article by Caleb Warnock and Barbara Christiansen. For an article about Provo's sale of its system, iProvo, see this Christopher Smart article in the Salt Lake Tribune.

One final note: Surpha has been an Internet Service Provider (ISP) on AFCNet for a while now. They took over AFConnect's failing operation so service could continue uninterrupted to AFConnect's customers, myself included. I haven't had any complaints.

I can keep putting those ComCast and Qwest mailers directly into the recycling bin.

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