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Monday, March 19, 2007
More Madness

If you must know, though I haven't checked the math, I think I'm picking the winners of NCAA tournament games only very slightly better than would a trained chimp flipping a coin. That's the least of about three reasons why I don't bet on these things -- which is not even remotely my point.

My interest in the NCAA men's basketball tournament, or at least in my bracket, wanes somewhat after the first round. But in case my blogging about the first round has led you to care about my bracket more than I do, I shall indulge you briefly here, as regards the Sweet Sixteen.

In the Midwest Region, I'm two-for-four, correctly picking Florida and Oregon, and incorrectly supposing that Wisconsin and Maryland would join them. In the West region, I'm two-for-four, correctly picking Pitt and UCLA, and incorrectly predicting that Villanova and Illinois would also advance. In the East Region, I'm . . . wait for it . . . two-for-four, correctly picking North Carolina and Georgetown to advance, and incorrectly picking Texas and Washington State.

I did better in the East Region, with Ohio State, Texas A&M, and Memphis. In a fit of unfounded optimism, I picked Albany to upset twice. (Maybe next year.)

So I picked nine of the Sweet Sixteen. The selection committee picked eleven, and three of their five misses were 4/5 upsets, which are barely upsets. That's why they get paid -- I assume -- the big bucks, and I don't.

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