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Saturday, November 5, 2005
Campaign Ads and Slogans That Didn't Make the Cut

Things have been very serious here at the blog this week, but it's Saturday, and I intend to have fun. If you find yourself not having fun, stop reading and come back later for something more serious.

Most of my readers (thank you!) realize that my wife, Heidi Rodeback, is running for city council in American Fork. I've certainly mentioned her often enough here, though I have tried to be fairly objective in my analysis. I've been involved in the campaign in several ways, even before it was a campaign.

Here are some slogans or ad lines that I dreamed up, but which didn't make the cut -- perhaps for good reason, as you will see. Some may remind you of Senator Robert Bennett's billboards from his re-election campaign last year. The resemblance is intentional. I believe Bennett's son was responsible for that campaign, which I found clever and fresh.

If it helps, envision the following in a Burma Shave format, by the side of the road somewhere.

Reads Books.
Returns Phone Calls.
    Heidi Rodeback for Council.
Plays Bach.
Plants Trees.
Prefers Action.
    Heidi Rodeback for Council.
New Ideas.
    Heidi Rodeback for Council.
Tough Enough.
Talks Straight.
Twenty-First Century.
    Heidi Rodeback for Council.

Older Than You Think.
    Heidi Rodeback for Council.

Anyone else want to take a crack at this format?

Here are a few more. (The number in one is approximate; we'd have calculated it precisely if we'd have used the line.)

Heidi Rodeback for Council. Mars Needs Women.

Heidi Rodeback has already lived 13.5% of her life in the 21st Century -- more than any other leading candidate in American Fork. Heidi for Council.

Not every candidate for city council knew when and where the meetings are before filing. Heidi did. Heidi for Council.

One Woman. One Vote. Yours. Heidi for Council.

Don't worry. I'm not quitting my day job.

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