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Thursday, June 30, 2005
American Fork Police Chief Terry Fox Resigns

At last night's meeting of the American Fork City Council, the retirement of Police Chief Terry Fox was announced. My own experience with Chief Fox, including some lengthy conversations in person, by phone, and via e-mail, on a variety of substantive matters, has led me to appreciate a city official who is intelligent, candid, helpful, and inclined to return phone calls and e-mail messages. (I have learned not to take these things for granted.)

I wish him well.

As to the matter of choosing a new chief, I should like to suggest a litmus test: We need another chief who believes in the broken window principle and who follows it to its logical conclusion: taking nuisance abatement seriously in our neighborhoods. Unfortunately, I don't believe the mayor, who will probably conduct the search behind closed doors, embraces either the broken window principle or the subject of nuisance abatement generally.

Michelle Malkin is worth reading on police officers generally.

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