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Friday, February 2, 2007
Other Limerick Contest Entries

Here are the other contest entries.

Here are the other, as in non-winning, entries from the 2007 LocalCommentary.com Groundhog Day Limerick Contest. They're divided by category, but otherwise in no particular order. (Winning limericks are here, as are a few related notes.)

Multiple entries from a single poet are presented consecutively below, but should be read as separate poems. Some limericks are lightly edited for punctuation, spelling, etc.

Groundhog Day

There once was a hog of the ground
Whose fame was proclaimed all around.
He could forecast the season
With shadow as reason,
Though of late, using the 'net, he's been found.

Andrew Eoff
American Fork, Utah

If a rodent of incomparable size
Says, "Behold my shadow arise!"
Should we give him a kick
For this terrible trick
In making us re-winterize??

Joyce Gunther
Pleasant Grove, Utah

The groundhog poked out his head, curious
At all the commotion to hurry us
From winter to spring,
'Though we can't do a thing
To change all these matters that worry us.

Carl Bell
American Fork, Utah

Chet was a wise groundhog for sure.
You could tell by the gray in his fur.
"It's not shadows," he told,
"But Feb 2 is so cold.
"Why, six more weeks in my hole I prefer."

Cheryl Keiper
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
("I wrote this limerick for my father's birthday card. His birthday is February 2 and he'll be 82 this year.")

There once was a groundhog named Phil,
Who lived deep in Punxsutawney hill.
When his shadow he spied,
He ran back inside
To snuggle six weeks more with his Jill.

Linda Butler
Pleasant Grove, Utah

The groundhog can fight winter's battle.
Just come out and not see a shadow.
But what happens instead
Is what we all dread:
Spring flees with a scared hog in its saddle!

To think that winter's awful chill
Was killed by our groundhog on his hill.
I t sounds quite absurd,
But true as we've heard.
Came as today's early morning thrill.

Devin Schaugaard
Springville, Utah

Just put your little hand in mine.
Today we'll know of snow or shine.
Phil is out.
Bill don't pout.
An endless day could be divine.

Rick Puckett
Springville, Utah

In this weather, we can't help but shiver
With feet frozen and skin rough as leather,
As we all wait
For the groundhog's escape.
I'll make sure that it comes up this winter!

Stephanie Pickering
Provo, Utah

American Fork

I've lived in American Fark
and on Sunday night it is quite dark,
Where the harses eat carn
as they loll in the barn,
Although tame, it was quite a lark

Trixie Walker
Highland, Utah

A gray-haired old man, once a reprobate,
In his youth did the world circumnavigate.
Changed his ways, now renown,
With sweet wife, settled down.
Great American Fork they appreciate!

An old sailor, much traveled and seasick,
Thought a great place to dwell he would handpick.
He'd viewed towns the world round,
But one place did astound.
'Twas American Fork. "It's terrific."!

Robert van Dijk
American Fork, Utah

In a friendly city of red, white and blue,
The people there will welcome you.
American Fork is its name.
The High School Band brings it fame.
YOU can come and live here, too!

Beth Bigelow
American Fork, UT 84003

The Skate Park is here,
No cigs, drugs or beer.
Bumps and bruises there will be,
But we all must agree,
For the stunts, we must stand and cheer.

Steel Days is the name.
No one is to blame.
Poultry, Timber days in the past.
2007's will be a blast.
All in all, the game's the same.

Soon the streets will be torn.
Our water system is worn.
But the future is bright,
Oh, what a sight,
When conservation and sensibility is born.

Shirl LeBaron
American Fork, Utah

(See you next year, folks.)

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