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Wednesday, September 14, 2011
American Fork City Council Primary Results

Six advance. Three are eliminated.

Here are unofficial results from yesterday's primary election in American Fork.

The top six finishers advance to the November 8 general election, where the top three finishers will win the three available city council seats. However, these results do not include absentee ballots which were mailed in time but hadn't yet arrived at the City, or provisional ballots from yesterday's voting. I'm told that over 200 absentee ballots were issues, and over 100 already came back. So there's a mathematical possibility that the following outcome will change, when all the votes are counted, but it's a very long shot. (Third and fourth places are fairly likely to switch, and seventh and eighth places are very likely to switch, but neither of these changes would alter the outcome.)

  1. Brad Frost (776 votes)
  2. Robert Shelton (631)
  3. Clark P. Taylor (524)
  4. Ricky K. Storrs (incumbent) (517)
  5. Marc J. Ellison (381)
  6. Scott E. Twitchell (140)
  7. Nick Liddiard (118)
  8. Marco Valle (117)
  9. Micah Richards (68)

1138 of 14,809 registered voters cast votes, so turnout was 7.68 percent. The total number of votes case was 3272.

My source for these results is the Utah County web site.

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