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Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Links to American Fork City Council Candidate Information

This list will be updated whenever new information presents itself.

A bunch of nice people have kindly wished that I were still reporting and analyzing American Fork candidates as I've done before. But I retired from that after the 2009 election. I did blog recently, in separate posts, about ways local candidates might attract or repel my vote, but I didn't mention specific candidates.

The best I can do this time around is offer this growing list of links and other contact information for the candidates. Some of it I found by googling; some of it I collected from the candidates themselves. If you have a link I don't have, please forward it to me, and I'll add it. (Use the comment link at the bottom of this post.)

Candidate lists are usually published in alphabetical order, so I'll be giving you mine in reverse alphabetical order, just for the sake of variety.

Scott Twitchell

Clark Taylor

Rick Storrs (incumbent)

Robert Shelton

Brad Frost

Marc Ellison

Again, please report errors and omissions using the comment link below. (It's an e-mail link; it doesn't automatically post a comment.)

These six candidates will be on the general election ballot in November, and you'll get to vote for three.

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