2009 American Fork City Council Candidates

Questions by LocalCommentary.com, with additional material from public sources. Responses by the candidates or their representatives, presented with minimal editing. Order is alphabetical by surname.


  • All candidates were sent the same questionnaire. Only the candidate's responses are indicated here; there is no notice of instances where a candidate did not answer a specific question. Information arriving after the announced publication deadline will be added as it arrives. Please report errors and broken links.
  • In the absence of responses by one candidate, I have added information supplied either to American Fork City at registration or later for the Statewide Electronic Voter Information Website Program (SEVIWP). Both sources are public and uncopyrighted.

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Marc J. Ellison

Jess Green

Dale O. Gunther (incumbent)

Heidi Rodeback (incumbent)


Contact Information

E-mail: marci.ellison@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1656348017
Twitter: http://twitter.com/MarcEllison
Phone: 801-803-4601
Street Address: 177 West 1360 North
American Fork, UT 84003

Miscellaneous Questions from LocalCommentary.com

How many years in American Fork? 11
Where else have you lived, and for how long? Provo, Utah (7 yrs); Houston, Texas (2 yrs); Springfield, Virginia (7 years); Tidewater, Virginia (5 years); Alexandria, Virginia (5 years)
American Fork City Council meetings attending in 2009: 2
Spanish or other foreign language? Basic Spanish
News sources read regularly, online or in print: I regularly read historical books to get a historical prospective. I watch Fox News and other mainstream newsgroups to keep up on current events. I enjoy listening to and watching Glenn Beck and Ron Paul. I also subscribe to The Heritage Foundation's "The Morning Bell," WorldNet Daily, and McAlvany Weekly Commentary.
Favorite food? Pizza


I graduated from the Geology Department at Brigham Young University in Earth and Space Science Education. I taught science at South Jordan Middle School for seven years, until I had a bone marrow transplant. After a substantial recovery, I changed careers and now work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a Senior Clerk. I have learned to follow the excellent business model that the LDS Church uses to reach maximum productivity. I have worked as a Park Ranger for the Timpanogos Cave for the last ten years and was awarded a "Star Award." I have been a volunteer Boy Scout Leader for the Silver Lake District for the past 11 years, being recognized with the Second Miler Award and Silver Lake District Award of Merit. I have experience working with the government as well as private industry. I have a service background, lending me to better meet peoples' needs. I have had to utilize people and listening skills in resolving citizen concerns in all aspects of my personal and professional careers.


I am running because I feel that the city council is out of touch with the citizens of American Fork. I was shocked when five bonds were proposed last year during an economic recession. I was so grateful to the American Fork citizens when they voted down all five bonds, so I can continue to afford to live here. After the bonds were voted down, the city council went ahead and founded their pet projects, even though the citizens voted that they did not want city money spent for those projects. The city council has voted to raise the taxes 49% over the last four years. The city bond rating has gone from AA- (high rating) to A2 (medium rating) over the last four years. I have talked with citizens that have called the water rate hikes "price gouging" as their water rates went up anywhere from 85% to 300%. All these abuses of the American Fork citizens need to stop, now!


(no response to survey; information from official sources)

Contact Information

Phone: 801-756-6717
Street Address: 135 South 300 West, American Fork, UT  84003
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 174, American Fork, UT  84003

SEVIWP Information

(also available as a PDF file at AFCity.org)

less Green resides in American Fork and has for 64 years. He has family history in American Fork continuous from before 1853.

Green graduated from AF High School, BYU (in English/Spanish), and attended UofU Law School for 2 years. He served an LDS Mission in the North-Central States and Canada.

Recently, Green joined other founding members in celebrating the 50 year reunion of Airborne Special Forces in Utah. He graduated from Artillery Officers School in Oklahoma, Parachute School in Georgia, Helicopter Maintenance schools in Alabama, and Mountaineering in Alaska.

Green served about 16 years on the AF Planning Commission; served on the City Council; and served a term as American Fork Mayor.

Jess is a semi-retired farmer-sheepman; a rare-book seller; and enjoying the 27th year employed as Administrative Aide at American Fork Junior High.

Green was THE ONLY ONE of 4 A.F. Public Officials to successfully defend and WIN a civil rights suit filed against the 4 by AF Police Officers: The Federal Judge said allegations against Green were FRIVOLOUS and had NO MERIT! The other 3 A.F. Officials, Wanlass, Hansen, and Barratt, settled with AF Police for allegedly $625,000.

DALE O. GUNTHER (incumbent)

Contact Information

E-mail: dgunther@bankaf.com
Phone: 801-592-1826
Street Address: 856 East 700 North, American Fork, UT  84003
(no Web site, Facebook address, or Twitter address)

Miscellaneous Questions from LocalCommentary.com

How many years in American Fork? 47
Where else have you lived, and for how long? Lehi, Utah (20 years); Ohio/Indiana (2 years)
American Fork City Council meetings attending in 2009: 15 (plus work sessions)
Spanish or other foreign language? No.
News sources read regularly, online or in print: Deseret News, Yahoo!
Favorite food: Whatever RoseAnn cooks.


(Similar information submitted to SEVIWP and available at AFCity.org.)


  • Graduate, Brigham Young University (Finance and Banking)
  • Graduate, Pacific Coast Banking School (at University of Washington)


  • President, Bank of American Fork (retired 2004)
  • Director, Bank of American Fork
  • Past Chairman, Utah Bankers Association
  • Past Member, American Bankers Association Community Bankers Council
  • Director, Gunther's Comfort Air

Public Service:

  • Member, American Fork City Council, since January 2006
  • Chairman, American Fork Finance Committee
  • Past service as Mayor Pro-Tem, American Fork
  • Member, Board of Directors, Timpanogos Special Services District
  • Past President, Main Street American Fork
  • Director, Launfal Foundation
  • Past member, American Fork Library Board
  • Member of Fund Raising Committee, Boy Scouts of America


"I would like to serve another term to try to continue improvement of the City's financial condition. We have made some progress in reducing the loss from the City's Broadband network through sale to private enterprise, and we are actively marketing the City's "dark fiber" assets in order to pay off the balance of the bond debt. We have been successful in communicating to commercial developers that we are not going to subsidize their developments at the City's expense.

"We have made some progress in initiating long-term financial planning for the City. One of the most important priorities is completion of a long-range road maintenance plan with appropriate financing for our roads, which have deteriorated over the years due to a lack of funding.

"I believe my financial background enables me to help the City make further needed progress in its financial affairs."

HEIDI K. RODEBACK (incumbent)

Contact Information

E-mail: hrodeback@att.net
Campaign Web site: www.heidiforcouncil.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heidi-Rodeback/133988776152

Phone: (801) 404-2494
Street Address: 103 North 200 West, American Fork, UT  84003
(no Twitter address)

Miscellaneous Questions from LocalCommentary.com

How many years in American Fork? 11
Where else have you lived, and for how long? Kent, WA (18 yrs); Provo, UT (3 yrs); Ithaca, NY (9 yrs)
American Fork City Council meetings attending in 2009: missed two (medical and family vacation)
Spanish or other foreign language? Was proficient in German and Russian in college.
News sources read regularly, online or in print: Daily Herald, Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, Time, Utah CEO. BBC World News , local news, and Fred Child's Performance Today on KBYU.


I hold a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in Russian Literature, with a minor in German. Prior to being elected to the city council in 2006, I served as chair of American Fork Neighbors in Action, as volunteer coordinator for the City parks upgrade, and as a board member of Downtown American Fork, Inc.

I was a founding member of the Greenwood Neighbors Initiative and the American Fork Community Foundation.

I have also served in numerous PTA positions, including three terms as legislative vice president, and as a member of the Barratt Elementary safety committee that re-engineered the drop-off zone for pedestrian safety.


"I am a homemaker at heart, and American Fork is my home. I first got involved in local politics because I was concerned for the quality of my neighborhood and the quality of my children's lives in it. There were no parks, the sidewalks were not safe, and the downtown district, which begins less than a block from my home, was obviously decaying. I soon learned that the city was the largest player able to address these problems, so I began volunteering for the city.

"As a council member, I have focused on these issues but also, significantly, on the larger problems underlying them: the need for financial accountability, sustainable long-range planning, and the importance of involving residents and empowering them to influence outcomes.

"I am running for re-election not because I feel content with my record or complacent about American Fork's progress, but because I see the significant work that remains to be done and the vision that is needed to achieve it. It has been a great privilege to work side by side with the residents and families, citizens and neighbors who work so hard to make American Fork the kind of city we all want to live in. I would be so pleased to continue this collaboration for four more years."

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