Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Why does exist?

A: has two purposes. First, it provides a growing collection of objective information about goverment, especially local government -- because hardly anyone these days understands how local government works. Second, it publishes commentary on local and other issues, mostly but not entirely political in nature.

Q: Is a commercial venture?

A: If it is, it's a poor one. People clicking on Google ads provide a very, very small revenue stream, but not nearly enough to cover the site's modest costs.

Q: Some of the stuff in the Google ads doesn't seem appropriate for Why is it advertised there?

A: has no direct control over what is advertised in the Google ad boxes, with this exception: Ads from specific locations on the Web can be blocked. If you think an ad is inappropriate or offensive, report it, including the URL the ad leads to, and the page where you saw it, to

Q: I have some material which I think would be useful on the information side of How do I submit it?

A: E-mail your proposed contribution to for consideration. Publication is not guaranteed. The writing should either be your own or in the public domain.

David Rodeback's Blog

Q: Sometimes a post does not appear until a day or two after its date. What's up? 

A: The date is when it was written. Sometimes David doesn't have a chance actually to update the blog until later.

Q: David links to a lot of articles at Is he Jewish?

A: No. Jewish World Review is a good collection of conservative commentary. Better still, they archive their material well, so it's easy to create links to articles that will still be valid next month or next year.

Guest Blog

Q: How can I contribute my own commentary to the guest blog?

A: Either be invited to do so, or e-mail your proposed contribution to for consideration. Publication is not guaranteed. A major factor is the quality of the piece. You're not likely to be rejected for disagreeing.

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