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Friday, October 3, 2014
My Two New Web Sites Just Launched

I've been scheming this for years and working off and on since February . . .

One of my new year's resolutions this year, or maybe it was two, was to launch two new web sites: FreedomHabit.com and BendableLight.com.

I've wanted for a long time to take a slightly different approach to blogging on government and politics than I have here for a decade at LocalCommentary.com. And I don't do as much local blogging as I used to. Besides that, for technical reasons I need a new platform -- in part to accommodate readers using mobile devices. (I landed on WordPress.) Hence FreedomHabit.com.

Among the other subjects on which I enjoy writing are religion and books (and reading generally). Plus I wanted to create a decent place for my own efforts as a writer (outside of these topics). And I think all this needs to be separate from the political stuff. Hence BendableLight.com.

You are more than welcome to visit either or both. Commenting is easier for both of us there, and your experience on a mobile device will be better. Plus you can check a box to have new posts e-mailed to you automatically.

I'm not a graphic designer, and it shows. The design will probably evolve (or devolve). And I'm working on some speed issues. That said, I think the point is the content, anyway.

The fate of LocalCommentary.com is uncertain. What's here will remain online, and new stuff that's local to Utah County or American Fork likely will appear here until after the election. After that, I'm not sure what I'll do with new local content. But I have to do something. My fine content management tool, CityDesk, is no longer being updated, and it's not fully compatible with Windows 8. Using it is getting difficult.

Finally, another of my resolutions for the year is to give away 50 more bumper magnets. I've been giving these away off and on for two years; I've added some promotion of one of the new sites to the original design. If you want one, details are here.


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