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Friday, November 22, 2013
Here's to Poll Workers

I've heard they're an endangered species, but I'd like to think they're not. I'd like to think we're better than that.

A couple of weeks ago, when election returns came in, I wrote something for publication elsewhere. This section was edited out before publication, but it was my favorite part and needs to be said. So I'm posting it here, very slightly edited.

There are some unsung folks we should thank every time we have an election: the poll workers.

I already knew their days start early and end late. This time, after the polls closed, I went to City Hall and watched, as they brought their sealed bags to turn in. I learned two things about them. First, when they turn in their materials at the end of the day, they don't just get a cookie and a bag of chips. They get big hugs. This isn't surprising; people who know what poll workers do love poll workers. Second, they make friends with the other poll workers, and they love to work with the same team, year after year.

So here's to poll workers, including the one who said humbly that night, after a very long day, in response to expressions of gratitude, "It's payback. It's my turn."

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