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Saturday, March 20, 2010
Update on Republican House and Senate Candidates

The official list of Utah Republican candidates for the US Senate and House of Representatives, now that the filing deadline has passed.

The filing deadline was Friday, March 19, so we now have a more official list of Utah's Republican candidates for the US Senate and House of Representatives. If you want the full list of candidates, including those from other parties, as well as more information than I'll be listing here, Lieutenant Governer Greg Bell has a spreadsheet for you.

The Republican candidates and their Web sites, if they have such, are as follows, divided by office, then in alphabetical order by surname:

US Senate

Robert F. Bennett (incumbent)
Tim Bridgewater
David Y. Chiu
Merrill Cook
Cherilyn Eager
Leonard J. Fabiano (no known Web site)
Mike Lee

US House of Representatives, Utah 1st District

Rob Bishop
Mike Ridgway

US House of Representatives, Utah 2nd District

Ed Eliason
Morgan Philpot
Neil Walter

US House of Representatives, Utah 3rd District

Jason Chaffetz

If you want Democrats or third-party candidates, they're in that spreadsheet I mentioned at the Lt. Governor's site.

I'm really not paying much attention to other House districts. In my own, the Second, there is now a third Republican candidate, Ed Eliason, of whom I know very little, even after perusing his Web site (see link above). I doubt he'll make much noise, but I've been wrong before.

Since I last blogged about Senate candidates, there are three new ones on the Republican side. Former Congressman Merrill Cook is one of them. He has run for a lot of offices in recent years, with no success to speak of, and this is likely to be another of those times. David Chiu and Leonard Fabiano are unknown to me, and I'm not alone. Neither the Lt. Governor's site nor the Utah Republican Party site has a Web address for either of them, so how serious can they be? There's a David Chiu that's active in Bay Area politics in California, but I'm guessing this is not the same guy.

Precinct caucuses are Tuesday evening. They will be followed by county conventions, then the state convention, with the next several week. After the state convention, some of these candidates -- possibly most of them -- will be gone.

Stay tuned. It could be fun.

Brian Rawlings comments (3/22/2010):

Your link for Morgan Philpot goes to Neil Walter's website.

I appreciate the time you take to blog. I value your opinion.

David Rodeback comments (3/22/2010):

Well, that's embarrassing. I just fixed it. Thanks for noticing and reporting.

Nancy Bivens comments (3/26/2010):

Dave Chiu now has a website, www.davechiuforsenate.com, which is very basic now, but should soon be much improved.

David Rodeback comments (3/26/2010):

Thanks! I added it to the list above.

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