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Thursday, December 17, 2009
Brief Addenda

More -- only a little more -- on legislation without representation, science, Mother Nature's sense of humor, etc.

Some addenda to previous discussions:

US Senate majority leadership is hiding the contents of its latest health care takeover bills -- from senators and from the people. As I recently wrote, this is legislation without representation, and that's tyranny. At least some senators are kicking and screaming about this more loudly than before.

visited the Washington, DC, area earlier this year, coincidentally on the day appointed for a massive outdoor demonstration on the Mall, where the chant-and-placard class demanded government action against global warming. The metropolis awoke that morning to a lot of new snow and a very cold wind. Now I read that there's atypically cold and snowy weather in Copenhagen for the big climate conference. Gotta love Ma Nature's sense of humor.

Paul Greenberg articulates another current situation in which the true believers who claim to favor scientific research have to reject its results in order to assert the urgency and relevance of their political cause.

We already knew that the Obama revolution was not all sweetness and light, even for Democrats. Now some of those Democrats are racing for the exits. Read this Michael Barone column to the end; the last paragraph will be your reward.

Finally, in celebration of my uncharacteristic brevity today -- this post was exactly 200 words before I started this paragraph -- I quote a pithy thought from Eric Hoffer. I don't necessarily agree completely, and it would seem to condemn me, but here goes: "A multitude of words is probably the most formidable means of blurring and obscuring thought. There is no thought, however momentous, that cannot be expressed lucidly in 200 words."

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