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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A community gives back.

As I write this, I'm seeing reports at Facebook that the American Fork High School Marching Band has successfully raised the $250,000 or so it needs to attend this weekend's Grand National competition in Indianapolis. Assuming the school board approves the trip tonight in its meeting and there aren't any other logistical obstacles at the last minute, it looks like this is going to happen. Good work, everyone!

Here's what I'm thinking.

I tried a few weeks ago to describe what I saw the band doing for -- giving to -- the community, especially the courage and strength it displayed (beside its usual excellence) in connection with the recent tragedy. I can't speak officially for what I assume are thousands of other contributors, but my own very small donation is my thank-you note to the band.

I see the generous outpouring of contributions over just a few days as a community (broadly defined) saying, "We know what you have given to us. Among other things, you have shown us relentlessly and unforgettably the meaning of musical, personal, artistic, and institutional excellence. Here is something we can give to you, as a token of our gratitude."

Certainly I'm the not only one thinking such things.

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