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Monday, November 2, 2009
What Happened to the Last Set of Questions for Mayoral Candidates?

Thanks for asking. I'll tell you.

As regular readers know, I sent a few more questions to the mayoral candidates, after examining questions sent by readers -- thanks again -- and one or two more I had thought up. But LBB (that's Life Beyond the Blog) got in the way, and I sent them to the candidates much later than I thought I would -- and that would have been almost too late, anyway.

Because I was so late, and because I've been trying to be fair, I told the candidates that I would only post answers if I received them from both candidates. In the end, I received answers from only one candidate. I have advised him that I wouldn't be posting his answers, but wouldn't mind at all if he wanted to post them somewhere on his own.

In short, when you don't find the last set of questions and answers here, blame me, not the candidates.

I do appreciate everyone who suggested questions. Not that you will, but don't forget to vote tomorrow.

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