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Monday, October 19, 2009
Last Call for Questions

. . . for LocalCommentary.com to send to American Fork mayoral candidates, that is.

I'll be sending the next (and probably last) batch of questions to American Fork's mayoral candidates Wednesday evening; I hope to start posting their answers next week over at the guest blog, which already has their answers to the first ten questions, which were asked and answered earlier in the campaign.

There will be five or six questions in all. I've had some submissions from readers, and I've dreamed up a few of my own, but I haven't yet made a final selection. So it's not too late to send me your questions, if you want them considered for the final set.

Remember, I will feel free to exercise my editorial right to edit, clarify, temper, balance, repunctuate, merge, spindle, mutilate, fold, and/or discard questions I receive. And we're not playing "gotcha" here. We're trying to inform the voters.


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