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Thursday, July 2, 2009
So Far, Only the Incumbents Have Filed in American Fork

The filing period began yesterday and ends July 15.

Here's a quick update on the looming American Fork elections.

The filing period for candidates began yesterday morning and continues through the end of business on July 15.

MFCC, known outside this blog as Councilmember Heidi Rodeback, was the first to file yesterday morning. Her campaign Web site is available, though still growing.

Since then, the other two incumbents, Councilman Dale Gunther and Mayor Heber Thompson, have filed as expected.

As of about noon today, according to City Recorder Dick Colborn, these are the only three candidates to have filed.

If more than one additional candidate files for mayor, or if more than two additional candidates file for city council, there will be a primary election in September. Otherwise, there won't.

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