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Thursday, April 10, 2008
In the Meantime, About Moderates . . .

The best part of this post is that I point you to an excellent Orson Scott Card article about political moderates.

Last Friday for three hours I tried to be a liberal -- not the thinking kind, like some of my friends, but the angry Hillary-Clinton-Nancy-Pelosi-Harry-Reid-Barack-Obama's-preacher kind, which they are peddling on television. It didn't work, as I explained at some length. I suggested at the end of that explanation that it might be fair and balanced if my next attempt was to be a right wing nut job. That seemed like a good idea.

That's not working either. I have written about it, too -- at least a first draft, which I circulated among a few trusted critics. It's not ready yet.

Meanwhile, here's an excellent essay by MFD, My Favorite Democrat, Orson Scott Card, about what moderates are and are not; ideological purity; and other related, incompatible topics. Enjoy.

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