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Friday, February 1, 2008
The Genesis of "Groundhog Day (Observed)"

This official LocalCommentary.com decree changes the date on which Groundhog Day 2008 is celebrated, from February 2 to February 8, for reasons stated herein.

Whereas LBB has been utterly relentless of late; and

Whereas even bloggers -- at least this blogger -- must sometimes sleep, work, and shovel all that global warming off the sidewalk; and

Whereas tomorrow is Groundhog Day, the day appointed for judging entries in the Second Annual LocalCommentary.com Limerick Contest, and the day for feeding one's family "mystery meat" and watching Groundhog Day, the movie; and

Whereas tomorrow is filled already with a funeral, an evening church meeting, and other essential activities; and

Whereas everyone else feels free to reschedule holidays on whim; it is hereby

Resolved, that Groundhog Day 2008 shall be celebrated in the Rodeback household on Friday, February 8, 2008; and

Resolved, that the deadline for submission in the aforementioned Limerick Contest shall be extended to the same date, at 12:00 noon, Mountain Standard Time; and

Resolved, that February 8, 2008, shall, in the Rodeback household and at LocalCommentary.com, be designated "Groundhog Day (Observed)."

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