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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
George Will on the Utah School Voucher Referendum

Yes, Utah has the nation's attention for a few days.

George Will's column today is about the Utah school voucher referendum. He gets all, or nearly all, of the details right, and his explanations are clear. Here is one excerpt:

Intellectually bankrupt but flush with cash, the teachers unions continue to push their threadbare arguments, undeterred by the fact that Utah's vouchers will increase per-pupil spending and will lower class sizes in public schools. Why the perverse perseverance? There are two large, banal reasons -- fear of competition and desire for the maximum number of dues-paying public school teachers.

No matter what his subject, George Will is almost always a good read.

Israel Teitelbaum comments (11/4/07):

School choice equals liberty

The bottom line of this issue is: Should a nation that was founded on the principle of individual liberty, financially coerce parents to send their children to government run schools? I think not.

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