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Friday, August 31, 2007
American Fork City Council Candidate George Brown Withdraws

The candidate field for the three available full-term seats is down to four.

American Fork City Council candidate George E. Brown, Jr., has asked that his name be removed from the ballot for the November election. In a brief letter dated Monday, August 27, and received by City Recorder Richard Colborn yesterday, Brown, who is an attorney, cited a "heavy case load" and "other personal matters" as his reasons for withdrawing.

This leaves four candidates for three four-year seats on the Council. Three are incumbents, Rick Storrs, Shirl LeBaron, and Sherry Kramer. The lone challenger is Jason Porter. The three top vote-getters among the four win the seats.

A fourth seat is also available for a two-year term. There is a single candidate, incumbent Dale Gunther, for election to finish the second half of the late Jimmie Cates' term. Cates passed away this spring, and Sherry Kramer was appointed to fill his seat temporarily, until it could be filled by election. As noted, Kramer is now running for a full term.

The fifth seat on the Council, currently occupied by MFCC, is up for election in 2009.

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