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Friday, April 13, 2007
A Mulligan

I respectfully ask the chair's permission to revise and extend my remarks . . .

I feel pretty free here at the blog to go back to things I've written and correct typos, even tweak sentences and paragraphs in minor ways to make them clearer, without changing my content in any substantive way.

Once every year or so, I end up vigorously disliking something I've written, especially if I have done it badly, in a way that causes readers to miss my point and to get caught on points I'm not trying to make. My April 4, 2007, post, "Dorothy, This Ain't Panguitch Any More," is such an instance.

I somehow sense that it violates the ethos of the blogosphere, or at least its dominant culture, to back up and substantially revise something already written and posted. Whatever. If you already read that post before today, please do me a favor and read the revision. I think it communicates my point more effectively and is much less prone to misinterpretation. Thanks kindly.

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