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Monday, April 9, 2007
From the (Electronic) Mailbag

Three blog-related items arrived by e-mail last week.

These three very different blog-related items came to me via e-mail last week.

I received an invitation to a meeting next week with Representative Chris Cannon (R-Utah) and a bunch of Utah political bloggers. I'll say more of this, perhaps, after the meeting. Meanwhile, the Politic20.com folks say they invited me because "we saw your blog as a blog that is updated frequently, [and] you've got some insight into what you're writing about." (Who knew? I have "some insight.")

A presumably well-meaning fellow from Draper, Utah, responded to an unrelated blog post by sending me an unbelievably long discourse on the present advance of Communism in the United States. I skimmed it very briefly. Did you know that much of President George W. Bush's agenda is straight from the commie playbook? (No, I didn't either. I still don't.) I hope the fellow doesn't mind that I didn't read his treatise carefully.

Some months ago a young lady, a senior at Grantsville High (somewhere in Tooele County), wrote to ask me some questions about price ceilings. She had read an old blog post about price controls and gasoline, where I said that imposing the former on the latter is a stupid idea. I stayed up even later than usual that night replying to her, and I also recommended some good readings on the subject. Last week she e-mailed to thank me. It seems her Future Business Leaders of America team studied up, took state, and is headed to nationals in Washington, DC. (Yes, I think she really is grateful, even if she did also mention in passing that the cost of the trip is $800 per student. By the way, if your business wants to contribute, let me know and I'll put you in contact with her.)

That was three, so we're done.

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