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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
American Fork City Attorney (Civil) Kevin Bennett Resigns

He's off to take a similar position in LaVerkin, Utah.

Kevin Bennett, American Fork's City Attorney (Civil), has taken a similar job in LaVerkin, Utah. Yesterday he tendered his resignation from his current post, effective April 9.

Mr. Bennett has been working for American Fork City for so long, he's almost an institution -- an institution whose devotion far exceeded his salary, to be sure. I will not write a panegyric here, but, if you'll forgive me passing judgment, he's a good, honorably-motivated man. He has occasionally vexed me, in my equally well-intentioned efforts to serve the City as a volunteer, but I'm sure I have vexed him, too. (I vex a lot of good people, without necessarily meaning to.)

His letter of resignation mentions his long-standing desire to emigrate to southern Utah. He loves Zion National Park, and LaVerkin is very convenient to that spectacular section of paradise.

What his letter does not mention is that he is also a good and enthusiastic pianist, as I have witnessed for myself on several occasions. Perhaps he can find a loophole in federal law allowing him to have and play his own piano somewhere in Zion.

As to his destination, this is not LaVerkin's first appearance here at the blog. One of my vacation photos from last October is a scene in LaVerkin, to which I refer you without editorial comment.

Ahem. Almost without editorial comment . . .

LaVerkin needs the distinguished Mr. Bennett. It might be too much to expect of a mere mortal, but I hope he can help them.

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