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Monday, March 26, 2007
Bracket Watch: It Ain't Pretty

This quick summary of my bracketological incompetence has a shocking, pathetic confession at the end.

Briefly . . .

I picked four of the Elite Eight: Florida, North Carolina, Georgetown, and Ohio State. Four others failed me in either the second or third round: Wisconsin, Illinois, Pitt, and Texas A&M. The selection committee picked an almost unprecedented seven of the Elite Eight.

As to the Final Four, my only survivor is Ohio State. The selection committee did twice as well, two of four, and two they missed are second seeds, so they're near misses.

I have Ohio State winning it all, but don't believe it until you see it. I have probably warned you before that my crystal ball was confiscated years ago, due to user incompetence.

I played basketball quite seriously -- and not too badly -- in high school and have watched a lot of it since then, so I flatter myself that I understand the game fairly well. I mention this because the only reason I have Ohio State beating Florida in the final game is, believe it or not, that Florida star who so badly needs a haircut. (I know, I know, absolutely non sequitur.)

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