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Friday, January 12, 2007
More Local Notes

A quick report on the newly renovated City Hall, talk of two local jazz bands, and news of a skateboard park.

Here are some quick notes on matters of local interest.

I visited American Fork's newly renovated City Hall the other evening, for the first time since its renovation. The upper floor where the City Council meets is very nice, with more (and better) seating, better technology -- including video projection -- and an ambience which somehow mixes history with twenty-first century technology. It's intended also to serve as a recital hall; the American Fork Arts Council has offices in the building, too. (Much of the money which funded it had to be spend on arts or recreation facilities.) It should serve well for recitals, assuming there is a good piano, but it will be a bit unforgiving of young listeners. The entire floor is open, including the stairwells. This uses space efficiently but gives a parent no easy refuge when a child acts up. The screaming will be heard until the offender and parent are downstairs, at least. You can't win 'em all. Overall, however, this renovated hall is a legitimate win, I think.

Thursday evening's American Fork Arts Council dinner at the Northampton marked the Council's twentieth anniversary. Dinner music and a short after-dinner concert were by the American Fork High School Jazz Band, which did well. The vocalist, pianist, and saxophone section were particularly impressive. The program was partly conventional jazz, but mostly old big-band favorites.

I heard a report that the local Crescent Super Band's visit to a major jazz event in New York City was a great success, involving a rare standing ovation. (Hey, it's not Utah.) I have gushed about their excellent sound before, as early as November 2005 and recently as last month, but I still haven't heard them live.

My spies in the local skateboarding crowd tell me that American Fork's skateboard park is complete, except for the landscaping, and is in use. They're very happy. Note that the money for this came from the same source as the money to renovate City Hall, RDA funds which had to be spent on recreation or arts facilities or be lost.

David Rodeback comments (1/13/07):

For a few more details on the Crescent Super Band's New York junket, read to the bottom of this Daily Herald "Beehives and Buffalo Chips" list.

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