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Tuesday, January 9, 2007
An Italian Deli, a Classic Movie, and a Little Christmas Gift from the American Fork City Council

Tony's Italian Deli on Main Street in American Fork, that is; and The Princess Bride; and . . . well, read it for yourself.

MFCC and I sneaked out for lunch on a recent Saturday afternoon and found ourselves thoroughly enjoying the relatively new Tony's Italian Deli at 66 W. Main St. in American Fork. (Some will recognize this as the old Yogurt Parlor's location.) The sandwich was superb, the minestrone about as good as it gets, and the Italian donuts . . . Well, it's a good thing this place is not on my block. We were so pleased that we bought some friends a gift certificate. Now I must think up a good excuse to go back. I recently noted that The Italian Place in American Fork makes a fine sandwich but isn't recognizably Italian. Tony's is recognizably Italian, serves at least as fine a sandwich, and has a fairly large and interesting menu.

Last evening most of the family and I went to the Community Room at the American Fork Library to watch a family favorite, The Princess Bride. It was a bring-your-pillows-and-sit-on-a-blanket affair, sans munchies. Admission was free; I understand the Friends of the Library bought the license for public viewing. There were about 20 people present, but there was room for maybe 50 or 60. I have long thought it would be fun to watch The Princess Bride with a crowd, but this wasn't much of a crowd. Still, the kids had fun, and you can't really hear some things too often, such as, "Anybody want a peanut?" or "Warthog-faced buffoon" or "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means" or "Why didn't you list that among our assets in the first place?" Apparently, this was the first in an ongoing series of monthly Monday night movies at the Library.

Finally, a bit of overdue housekeeping. The American Fork City Council voted in December to extend the city utilities exemption for the families of overseas military personnel through 2007. I don't know how high a salary is adequate for a soldiers at risk of being shot or blown up, but it's higher than they're paid. This City Council action doesn't exempt soldiers' families from gas or electric bills -- those are not City-owned utilities -- but at least they don't have to pay for water, sewer, or garbage. It helps. (Good luck figuring out how to apply for this exemption by visiting the City's web site. Better to go to the City Administration Building and ask for the application form.)

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