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Thursday, October 5, 2006
Questions on My Mind

Here I muse on several questions of recent occurrence and dubious note, from the cosmic to the American Forkic. Watch for cameos by Oprah, Satan, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Where There's Smoke . . .

Which is more likely:

  1. That Congressman Foley was the only elected official on Capitol Hill involved in inappropriate activities with minors? or
  2. That the former Mormon Tabernacle Choir member who hit the news this week was the only member of that slightly smaller group who was thus engaged?

My money's on (2) -- or it would be (a) if I had any, and (b) if I were inclined to gambling. I strongly suspect that, as a group, the House and Senate are less committed to traditional morality than the Tabernacle Choir. (If they're not, please don't tell me. Ever.)

The Eye of the Beholder

Suppose that a representative sample of the folks who work in the great and spa--

Ahem. Let me try that again.

Suppose that a representative sample of the folks who work in the Church Office Building in downtown Salt Lake City were to read "More and Less," a commentary on the style (more than the substance) of the latest LDS general conference, from the pen of the delightful local (mostly apolitical) blogger, DaltonGirl. Would most of them say --

  1. She's trying to steady the ark and deserves to be smitten? or
  2. We need more light-hearted, well-written, entertaining commentaries on general conference?

If they polled me, I'd pick (2). (1) is absurd, because any self-respecting religion, properly understood, has a sense of humor about itself, right? Recent world history notwithstanding?

Here Goes . . .

Will the next Tuesday's 6:45 p.m American Fork City Council executive session and the subsequent regular session's action item yield a firm decision on proposals to buy the City's municipal broadband system? After further consideration over the last few weeks, there still seems to be a serious contender or two.

Gut feeling: Yes. We'll see a vote, then a letter of intent in the very near future, followed by months of paperwork and negotiation. Then the City (upper-case C) will heave a huge sigh of fiscal and administrative relief. And the city (lower-case c), including people like me, if there are any, will continue ardently to supplicate whatever gods there be on the matter of -- please? -- not being consigned for some large fraction of the future to ComCast or to DSL.

Water, Water Everywhere, but Not Quite Enough To Drink

When Election Day comes, and American Fork voters have their say, will the majority --

  1. Having studied the situation and the proposal, sensibly vote to approve the $40-plus million bond issue to fund a pressurized irrigation? or
  2. Intone, "Don't burden me with facts or big pictures! You're not increasing my water bill! Over my dead and dessicated body! That's Communism! That's Tyranny! That's Satan's Plan! Oprah would never go for this!" and then vote heck no ?

I guess you know which side I'm on. (Unlike the BMA, I don't pretend everything I write is balanced and objective.) Maybe there are other possible spins for votes yea and nay, but you get the idea. As for me . . . I have no idea how it will go.

I'm voting for the bond issue, because I think City leaders have done their homework properly  and settled on the best option for the long term -- and because our water bills will increase substantially whether the bond issue passes or not. (Someday soon, I'll attempt to explain why those bills must increase.)

Is There No Longer Any Crying Over Spilled Planets?

I realize this was a few high-profile sex scandals and three tragic school shootings ago, but if we put it to a referendum, would we find that most of us want Pluto back? I've never even seen the big hunk (of rock), but I miss it anyway.

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