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Friday, September 15, 2006
Do They Rehearse This Stuff?

A reliable source says this actually happened.

I told MFCC she should blog this one herself, but she said I should, so it's secondhand, not firsthand. So let it be understood that any departures from the actual words used are her fault, not mine. (You might check later for corrections masquerading as comments.)

And so it begins.

The setting is a mayors' banquet in downtown Salt Lake City, with city officials from across the state attending, not including Mayor Rocky. I don't want to be too particular about when it happened, but let's just say vaguely that it was last evening. The cast of our little vignette is:

  • MFCC
  • Another American Fork elected official who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are "Mayor Heber Thompson" (MHT)
  • An Unidentified Female Official Not From American Fork (UFONFAF)

UFONFAF happens by the table where MHT and MFCC are seated. She scrutinizes their nametags.

UFONFAF: Oh, you're from American Fork. Oops, I should say "American Fark."

MHT, twinkling: No, it's actually American Fork.

MFCC, likewise twinkling: It has been since the last election.

MHT, still twinkling: But you're free to say Spanish Fark if you wish.

[The End]

You figure out what it means. Then feel free to send me a comment with your interpretation.

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