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Thursday, June 1, 2006
One Local Pol is Blogging Again

That would be Heidi Rodeback of the American Fork City Council, whose furniture I sometimes repair.

The other day I mentioned a few local elected officials whose recent absence from the blogosphere has been conspicuous. I said this last Friday:

I'm not trying to call them out; they're hard at work as it is. But I hope they'll have time to reenter the online political conversation soon. It's good for government.

I'm not suggesting that there's a cause-and-effect relationship at work here. But before Wednesday afternoon was over, City Councilor Heidi Rodeback's new official blog (as opposed to her older but still delightful candidate blog) was up and running with two good, new posts at heidirodeback.blogspot.com. In case that's too much to remember, I have replaced the "Heidi for Council" link in my blog roll with a link to this one, so all you have to do to get to her blog is come to mine, which you're already doing.

After you've read her initial post, which includes the concept of "pressure from certain other bloggers" and refers to me as her "in-house PR staff," you may wish to consider the following notes:

  • The music cabinet will soon be fixed, but not because of pressure from a certain blogger's blog. I repair kitchen chairs and music cabinets, to borrow a phrase, "when the spirit moves me AND when there is spare time to do so."
  • It's important to keep at least one conspicuous home or yard project unfinished at all times. This diverts spousal energy which might otherwise be focused entirely on thinking up new projects.
  • I don't repair anyone else's furniture. (I will repair others' writing for a reasonably competitive fee.) But if there are other elected officials who would like me to ease them through the ten-minute process of setting up a blog, I'd be glad to, assuming they already have Internet access. I disclaim responsibility for any ideas they may post and their consequences; for spelling and punctuation errors and any other linguistic atrocities which may occur; and for any neglect of domestic chores or other responsibilities caused by spending too much time blogging.

I'll let you know when her music cabinet is fixed. Meanwhile, I leave it for you to mine the rich possibilities in her phrase "arbitrary and capricious" in its particular context. A wife doesn't give her husband a straight line like that every day -- especially not in public -- so I thought I'd share the wealth. In other words, there's a lot more rope here than I'll need to hang myself. The surplus is yours for the taking.

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