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Monday, May 1, 2006
Happy International Workers Day (Are We Kidding?)

I think the choice of May 1 for the you'll-miss-your-illegal-alien walkout and demonstrations is almost as bad a PR move as all those Mexicans flags that we saw waved in the first round.

The first round of protests in favor of illegal immigrants in the United States featured a large number of Mexican flags, which was a public relations faux pas of staggering proportions. Organizers were careful to insure that the public saw American flags in demonstrations thereafter.

I'm probably in the minority, in that I remember the Cold War and also studied communism and its incarnations in depth, but to me staging the illegal immigrant walkout today, May 1, is just as a bad a PR move as the Mexican flags were.

It's true that "May Day" started in Chicago in the 1880s, but it quickly went international and became a huge holiday for socialists, communists, and anarchists: International Workers Day. Besides simply looking bad, holding today's walkout on May 1 underscores the fact that some radical left-wing organizations are behind much of the tumult (link is to a Ben Johnson article), which is something you'd think they'd want to hide, if they're trying to succeed.

One other date might be equally bad: September 16, Mexican Independence Day. Do you suppose the illegals will do something big then, too?

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