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Monday, October 31, 2005
Good, Recent Readings

Here are two pieces on the late Rosa Parks and her legacy, by Leonard Pitts, Jr., and by Tony Snow. The latter is not a particularly pleasant piece, but I thought it worth my time.

The Big Media Acronyms abhor a vacuum. Kathleen Parker says that if the BMA don't have facts, they're happy to speculate.

Intelligent as usual, Paul Greenberg mulls baseball, jazz, politics, and judges.

Jack Kelly reports in detail on a failed al-Qaida attack on two Baghdad hotels lodging foreign journalists and defense contractors. The hotels remained intact, but a lot of Iraqis in the street were killed or wounded. Some new organizations were tipped off in advance, so there would be plenty of video coverage. Do you suppose any of them tipped off Iraqi or US military or law enforcement personnel?

David Gelernter analyzes why Democrats yearn to make Iraq into another Vietnam.

Charles Krauthammer's discussion of "realism" in foreign policy explains some things that don't make sense otherwise.

(Most of these links I found at JewishWorldReview.com; one of from RealClearPolitics.com.)

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